Trick Tuesday: Shaping Introduction

Welcome back to Trick Tuesday!  Every Tuesday, another trick tutorial.

This week, we are going to start the process of shaping by teaching our dogs how to get into a box.  The traditional definition of “shaping” is asking our dogs to offer successive approximations on a skill or behaviour.  Shaping is so much fun and can be used to teach limitless skills.

What we are doing is asking our dogs to offer or “shape” a behaviour.  Essentially, we are teaching them to think and problem solve.  To start shaping, you’ll need an easy behaviour, like getting into a large box.  Initially, click any step, motion or even just slight attention towards the box.  Then, wait for a little further commitment each time until you’ve reached your desired behaviour.

We’ll be using shaping to build many more behaviours in future Trick Tuesday videos!  You won’t want to miss it.

Method: Shaping
Skill Level: Advanced
What you’ll need: Food, dog, conditioned reinforcer (clicker), box

Happy training!!!


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