Pros & Cons of Leash-Free Parks

If there were a Disney model for leash-free parks, it would be wonderful – good times, all the time. Lady and Tramp would be off in one corner whispering sweet nothings, hound dog Copper would be following his nose around the place and Pluto would be up to no-good, but harmless antics as the Dalmatians ran circles around the whole group.  Pure joy!

Unfortunately, just as we don’t get the help of neighbourhood birds and squirrels while dressing every morning, we also don’t live in a world populated by Disney dogs and as with most situations, reality differs from fantasy.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with with this info graphic on the Pros & Cons of Leash-Free parks.



Trick Tuesday: Shake-a-Paw, High 5 & Wave!

Welcome to the first in our Trick Tuesday series.  Every Tuesday, we’ll be posting a new trick tutorial.

The first packs a punch as a 3-fer.  Teach your dog to shake-a-paw, give you 5 and wave all with the same basic lure.

Method: luring
Skill level: beginner
What you’ll need: food, dog and a conditioned reinforcer

If you know about conditioned reinforcers already, feel free to skip ahead.  If not, here’s the quick explanation.  A conditioned reinforcer (or behaviour marker) is anything that holds the value of a primary reinforcer (eg. food, toy or anything else the dog will work for).  A CR can be a clicker or a word that you’ve chosen.  If your dog is new to CR’s, take a moment to load it up!  Take a handful of your dog’s favourite treats, *click* and then feed. Repeat this sequence multiple times.  Your dog will quickly start to pair the *click* (or your word) with getting a yummy treat.  This is called “loading your clicker.”

This video will take you through the rest of the instructions!  HAVE FUN!